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 M-shield is an emerging brand in the Indian wellness and fitness industry. It is determined to make a big impact with one goal: to change the industry for the better. Founded in March of 2018 M-shield offers high-quality products at competitive prices because it has its own fully equipped manufacturing unit and sources all of the raw ingredients directly from the manufacturers, ensuring quality and authenticity. It is focused on delivering quality products that are tailored specifically to the needs of their consumers.


What makes M-shield unique is its team of scientists who back up all the research and development behind the products and patented innovations that focus on athlete development and give them an edge over the competition. M-shield also works with top athletes to develop customised products for their specific needs.


  • 1 | Handcrafted from the originators (In-house MFG)

  • 2 | Solution Tailor-Made to your needs

  • 3 | Science Backed Research  

  • 4 | In-House R&D

  • 5 | Highest Possible Quality

  • 6 | Raw ingredients sourced directly from the manufacturers.

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We as a brand get asked a lot of questions very often ( frequently )
Here is the answer to that. If you still think your question is not mentioned CONTACT US regarding any queries.

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Why is M-Shield™ product superior to other brands in INDIA ?

All M-shield© goods first go through various stages of research, where all of the internal scientists strive to design products based on consumer preferences. Later, all of the ingredients are personally purchased from approved vendors who are regularly audited for quality assurance. All of these substances are later retested at our R&D facility in preparation for production. The merchandise is subsequently packaged and sent to millions of delighted customers.

How can one become M-Shield™ Athlete?

Every week, we receive hundreds of applications from enthusiastic, physically fit, and inspirational people who want to work with us.


Although we do have a reasonably complete roster of athletes, we are constantly looking to expand our team of brand ambassadors and all stars with dependable individuals.

ABOUT YOU: You should be a social media savvy, well-followed, and fitness-oriented personality with a significant following.

You have sway over your followers and interact with them through engaging, aspirational content.

You connect with and respond to your followers, sharing pointers and suggestions on how you or your clients might develop a fit physique.

You give dietary advice and live a life outside of fitness.


You truly appreciate our company, our athletes, our concept, and most importantly, our products. You have a passion for fitness.

Send our team an email if you're interested in this position.

Please include-

- Your Instagram / YouTube name

- Your location (City/Town and Country)

- Screenshots of where your followers are located

- What you do for employment

- What qualifications, if any, do you have relevant to the fitness industry

- Why you believe M-Shield© is the right fit for you?

- What is your goal from being involved with M-Shield©?

- What benefits / remuneration are you seeking?

- What value you will provide M-Shield© for the benefits / remuneration requested?

Why M-Shield™ Whey has only 21Gm protein each serving and still costly?

M-shield©  always tries to work on unique composition to deliver best & effective results to its consumers each scoop of M-shield© Whey contains

- 21 Gm of Clean protein

- contains only 103.11 Kcal per serving

- Contains Focused Harmones Weight Balanced Blend specially for both Male & Female containing Patented ingredients with all Highly potent ingredients (Just not to show but to deliver the results)

- The best part is it is Naturally & Artificially sweetened from Sorbitol, Stevia, Sucralose & tastiest of all.


Why M-Shield™ Whey Isolate Has HMB in it & what is HMB ?

HMB meaning Calcium hydroxyl Methyl butyrate.Which can also be found in BCAA’s L-Leucine where 60gm of leucine consumption would provide total of only 3gm HMB. As we can see all brand claiming recovery from their protein intake.These means they are not wrong but they are not showing the calculation of recovery we receive from protein a General protein brand providing 24/25gms of protein gives 1.875gm HMB per 1KG Jar’s wherein M-shield© Whey Isolate Provide 15.5Gm of patented HMB ie myHMB® per 1KG Jar that is almost 10X more then any other Brand.