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Founder's Note

Dear SuperHumans & SuperWomens,


As you explore the world of MShield, you may wonder what drove its creation and what makes us stand out among the plethora of sports supplement brands out there. Allow me to share with you a personal journey that led to the inception of MShield



In my school days, I was a young enthusiast, an ardent lover of sports, from cross country marathons to swimming and football. I tasted victory and earned great medals in the sports arena, but a critical piece of the puzzle was missing - proper guidance on nutrition. Despite my dedication, I found myself as that small, vegetarian guy with a pale brown skin tone. The fault wasn't anyone else's, but mine. I had unknowingly neglected the crucial aspect of nourishing my body with the right foods.


As I matured,Neglecting my diet became the core reason for a decline in my athletic performance.As time went by, I found myself training less frequently, and my body began to show signs of fatigue and cramps even after minimal exertion. Without proper support and understanding in the sports field, I reluctantly gave up the idea of becoming a professional athlete and relegated sports to the realm of a mere hobby.


Through my journey, I gleaned insights into what it truly means to be a superhuman/ women sports player in any domain - “Greatness is born from a symphony of elements working in harmony”. It became clear to me that achieving peak performance is a puzzle with three crucial pieces. The first, responsible for 50% of your potential, is proper home-cooked food. The second, contributing 25%, involves dedicated training and skill development. And the final 25%, the missing link that completes the puzzle, lies in the power of additional supplements.


Fueled by the desire to empower athletes and enthusiasts alike, I delved into the sports supplement industry. The first five years were devoted to crafting products that catered to common needs, but my thirst for knowledge and unyielding ambition beckoned me deeper into the realm of human nutrition.


And so, the seeds of MShield were sown - a profound commitment to developing hardcore products that surpassed ordinary supplements in every way. Our purpose was clear: to create magic pills that could address health challenges and elevate performance during training.


As you explore our range of products, you'll sense the difference that sets MShield apart from all other sports supplement brands. Each creation is a masterpiece of research and potency, driven by our relentless pursuit of excellence. Beyond the realm of sports, we envisioned a world where our products could seamlessly blend into your daily life, enhancing overall well-being.


So, whether you're a filmmaker, a software engineer, or a graffiti artist, our products are designed to empower you. Embrace MShield as a faithful companion in your journey to greatness, a catalyst for unlocking your full potential.


At MShield, we dare you to dream, to strive, and to shatter the limits that once held you back. The change will begin from the very first week, and you'll awaken to a renewed sense of strength and purpose.


With MShield, be the superhuman you were always destined to be.


Unleash Your Greatness,

[Kartikeya Rajpurohit]