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MShield™ | Whey Protein

MShield™ | Whey Protein

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MShield | Whey Protien

• MShield’s Whey Protein contains micro filtered Pure Whey Protein Concentrate as the primary ingredient, along with Shagandha®️, Shatavari, and Flaxseed, a ultra premium blend created for its consumers all of which aid in protein synthesis and are high in Omega-3 and Fatty Acids, as well as acting as an antioxidant.
•It is a Unisex product, Women’s intake of Shagandha®️ and Shatavari helps them to regulate their Menstrual Cycle & reducing symptoms of Menopause.
• Mshield Whey contains 21 gms of Micro Filtered Pure Whey Protein Concentrate in every single scoop, making it an extremely healthy way to increase your protein intake. It is a high-quality protein source that is easily absorbed and utilized by the human body.

Also Mshield’s aim’s at providing Fresh & Best Whey proteins so it’s team of technical experts source fresh Raw Whey’s in-house to give the optimum result of the product
SHAGANDHA®️ is a patented ingredient used to aid in protein synthesis, respiratory issues, skin diseases, emaciation, and muscle weakness.
Flaxseed is high in Omega-3, it helps to lower blood pressure and stabilize blood sugar levels. Shatavari and Flaxseed work together as a great hormonal balance blend for both female & male, as well as a great antioxidant. Shatavari is also an anti-inflammatory, immune booster, and anti-depressant.

MSHIELD™ Whey Protein Benefits :

1. Manages Craving.
2. Increases Protein Intake.
3. Boosts Immunity.
4. Muscle Building.
5. Flaxseed helps in Overall Body Health.
6. 60% Asparagus Racemosus high quality in Mshield Whey
7. It helps to increase Memory Power, Maintain Healthy functioning of Immune and Digestive system.

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