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MShield™ | Whey Isolate

MShield™ | Whey Isolate

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MSHIELD IS THE ONLY BRAND TO PROVIDE 5 PATENT's PER SCOOP, prices way below the imported products.

MShield ’s Whey Isolate's primary ingredient is Grass Fed pure or best whey protein isolate, which is combined with LeanGard® and myHMB® to give maximum protein per scoop / maximum recovery & strength / with Lean Muscle mass

• It contains 26 gms of pure rich whey protein isolate per scoop. WHEY Isolate is a very healthy way to boost your protein intake. 

  •  LeanGard® - is a patented natural extract blend that promotes healthy body composition and weight management.Mshield aids in providing maximum from its product consisting of ForsLean® GarCitrin® BioPerine®


  • ForsLean® - Forskolin helps build lean body mass and maintain healthy body composition.

  • GarCitrin® - Hydroxycitric acid in combination with garcinol supports satiety, inhibits fatty acid synthesis.

  • BioPerine® - enhances uptake and utilization of the natural actives.


myHMB® - is the ingredient that has been shown in clinical studies to increase muscle protein synthesis while decreasing muscle protein breakdown. During weight loss, myHMB protects muscle mass while promoting fat loss. Improve your muscle health to increase your energy levels. Improve your metabolism Reduce muscle pain and speed up recovery.


1. Increase Muscle Protein Synthesis.
2. Increase Energy Level.
3. Increase Metabolism.
4. Reduce Muscle Pain & Speed Up Recovery.
5. Helps in Weight Management.
6. Increase rate of utilisation of the Natural Actives.
7. Naturally Sweetened.

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